10 Facts When You’re A Gamer’s Girlfriend

I’ve been attached to a gamer for about 3 years now.

And within these years, I’ve found some things to be true when my boyfriend is a gamer.

1. You Know That You’re Not The Sole Special Companion In His Life

There’s a 3rd party in the relationship- his computer(s).

2. He Actually Would Bring You On “Dates” To Queue For The Launch Of A Popular Game 

I’ll never forget when Mark pulled me along to queue up for Diablo 3 with him. Urgh.

And despite the horrendous number of people, he was still uber excited to get his gamer-hands on his own copy of the game.

3. Grabbing His Attention Isn’t As Easy As Taking Off Your Panties 

Y’know how the typical guy will come with an erected dick when you just begin to pull up your skirt? Well, once gamers are into their games… You can be throwing yourself at them like a bitch in heat and they’re still focused on their games.

4. He Actually Spends More Time With That Piece Of Technology Than With You 

And it can get mighty lonely.

5. No One Believes That He Will Cheat On You 

He doesn’t even go out much. Who/what will he cheat on you with? Some avatar character that he can click the brains out of?

Mark and I polled around and 100% said that if either of us were to cheat in the relationship- it’ll definitely be me. Yea, I totally agree actually.

6. You Keep Lying To Yourself That He’ll Get Bored Of The Game & Spend More Time With You 

Nope, nope, nope. Not gonna happen, babe.

First off- somehow guys are never bored of their games. It’s like how we can spend endless hours shopping in similar shops and not get bored.

And in the highly unlikely event that he gets bored of his game, a new happening game would have risen up by then.

7. He Hardly Gets Pissy- Only When You Interrupt Him In The Middle Of A Game 

Ooh, don’t go there.

All of his focus has to go into the game! Especially if it’s an online game where there’s no pause. Don’t even think about bothering him with those petty questions like, “Does this dress make me look fat? Do you love me? What if one day I left you?”

He just gets totally annoyed.

8. He Gets Highly Critical Of Any Games You Play 

It can be the simplest games ever- on your DS, mobile or computer… He starts observing & shooting off his expert advice. You’ll forever be the noob.

It can get to a point whereby you just shove the game to him and let him play instead.

It can get very annoying.

9. His Social Life Is Mostly Online

Sure he has his few offline friends… but most of his social interactions actually happen online. And he loves it somehow!

10. Don’t EVER Win Him In Games 

Y’see, games are like his thing. Not yours. You’re just tagging along.

So even if you know how to win the game or by sheer luck, try to not win. It’s important to keep your gamer boyfriend’s dignity.

Plus it’ll make him just train at the game a lot harder…


But overall, Mark is an amazing boyfriend. He pulled me up through my darkest times & wiped away my waterfall of tears. 🙂 Gamer or not, I’m super blessed to have him loving me so unconditionally.


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