Your Answer To Affordable & Great Connectivity in Thailand


Travelling is awesome! I simply love travelling, but staying connected can be so notoriously expensive. *shudders*

Whenever I budget for my trips, I always set aside additional USD$50 for my mobile phone bill.

The traditional SMS is expensive enough. Phone calls are the worst! Once some “wrong number” called me and I was billed for it. Ugh. Pissed, please.

And if you connect yourself to the web, your phone bill will be nice enough to provide you with 4-digits to buy lottery.


Now when I head down to Thailand, I’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data connection at only USD$14.99! And if I want, I can opt for 100 minutes of local/international calls! Whoop!

All by the awesome people of BuyThaiSIMCard! 🙂

No more biting my nails over my next phone bill.
No more not reacting in time to emails/messages.
No more cutting phone calls with loved ones short.
No waiting in those diabolically frustrating long queues at the airport for my Thai SIM card.
No more updating social media with #throwback updates, because I can do them on the spot!

Always be connected seamlessly to the rest of the world like you’d be back home- only difference is you’re actually in Thailand! ❤

Why wasn’t this service up when I last went to Thailand??

No more waiting till later to update my Instagram! My vacay pictures can be shared immediately!

This would’ve been awesome if it was available when I was in Krabi! I would’ve spammed my Instagram feed with heaps of gorgeous sights of the beaches. 😀

So why is BuyThaiSIMCard so awesome & different from other providers? …other than the company’s name being ridiculously easy to remember.

Because they make it all so amazingly affordable and unbelievably convenient!

Step 1: Pick The Plan That Best Suits You!

Various plans to cater to your needs!

BuyThaiSIMCard currently has these plans to suit your sort of usage!

So if all you want is just mobile data- no problem at all. You get unlimited data- so go wild! Others can still contact you at your usual phone number.

Want to be connected via the traditional phone calls as well? No problem as well. 😉 Go for the ‘Weekender’ or ‘LongStay’ plans- depending on the length of your stay, and get your very own Thai SIM Card to enjoy the super affordable rates.

Step 2: Get Your Very Own Thai SIM Card!

Your purchase will be swiftly sent over to you in a nice envelope over the weekend!

If you planned your trip in advance and have time to spare, opt for your Thai SIM Card to be delivered to your home! This way you can do any preparations and share your Thai number with your family & friends.

If you’re running short on time, BuyThaiSIMCard can also deliver your Thai SIM Card to any destination you prefer in Thailand! So once you land, you can collect it easily. And you can totally escape from those looooong and sloooooow queues for Thai SIM cards at the airport.

Step 3: ENJOY! 

Insert your brand new SIM card into your device upon arriving at The Land of a Million Smiles- Thailand! And join in the smiles with this great value-for-money mobile connection!

Your incoming calls are free! Which is really wonderful.

And you get a 100/150 minutes of free outgoing calls- but even if you exceed the limit, it is really much more affordable than not having a Thai SIM Card.

Another additional perk is…

BuyThaiSIMCard includes these totally adorbs Thai stickers!

Can you spot the spelling error…?

Well, in my opinion- it’s what makes it even more authentic. Haha! Because every time I head down to Thailand, there all these small English errors all over the place! As much as I advocate the proper use of languages- but this sort of makes it real y’know?

Slap them onto your suitcase!

And good news for my readers! ⭐

Simply key in the code ‘grthaisim‘ to enjoy a 10% discount off any packages from BuyThaiSIMCard (Pocket Wifi Router excluded from this promotion). 

Valid only till 30th June 2015! So don’t miss out on this! 🙂

For any questions, head down to their website ( and click on ‘Contact Us’.

Safe & fun travels, everyone! ❤


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