Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong :(

Being vain yet lazy, I have fallen in love with eyelash extensions of late. 
Usually I get my work done at rather reliable and reputable places, despite prices and inconvenience of locations – I always thought, “My eyes leh… Must be careful!” 

However I began taking things for granted… *looks down guiltily* 😦 And I went to try out this new neighbourhood beauty parlour. 
It looked pretty decent and my usual eyelash-extensions lady called to say she couldn’t be in last minute. So I thought I’d just give this place a shot.
…and it all went zooming downhill from there. 
After I rested my head on the bed, the beautician began her work…
  • The solution she used to remove my old extensions, burned!!
It really, really hurt. Usually this is not supposed to happen. Removing of old extensions are supposed to be rather swift and painless. 
She was dabbing some solution on my eyelid and it almost felt like it was riddled with chilli. 
Honestly, I should have known better from there… Shouldn’t I? Bah.
  • She practically glued my eyes shut!

I swear, one of the scariest shit that has happened to me. 

I literally could not open my eyes at all!! *sobs* And to top it off – the glue burned even more than the last solution
Oh, God. Thank you that I’m still alive. 
The one that removed my old extensions felt like it was riddled with chilli. This one felt like it was chilli itself!! 
My eyes started tearing up very badly and I told her that it hurt. Then she told me, “Oh, it is normal. My product can last longer than most!” No shit. With that kind of sting, I would expect the extensions to even stick on a mermaid in water for a good year even.
After a while, the burning sort of stopped. However when she asked me to open my eyes, I couldn’t!! Then we realised that the glue had leaked to my bottom lid – gluing my lids shut. 
She could not use the removal solution; or it will go onto my eyeballs straight. So she used water on a cotton bud and started dabbing away – while assuring me it is completely normal. 
Oh, please! I do my homework, okay? I know it isn’t!! *rolls eyes* 
  • Her extension lashes were of such bad quality, I could feel it poking on my eyelid

With good quality extension lashes – it should almost feel like feathers brushing or nothing at all. In fact, the only sort of poking whatsoever should only be from the tools the beauticians use. (Ideally, the tools shouldn’t poke at all either…) 

The lashes were so hard that I could feel her jabbing them onto me. Like, ouch! 
  • After the extensions were done, she kept on hard-selling me her eyelash extensions package

Okay, this isn’t directly related to the extensions itself – but it pissed me off so bad

Beautician: Actually you should get the package, because it is a lot more worthwhile. 
Me: I know, but I’ll think about it. (I was just being polite… after what I went through, you think I’ll ever come back again? No brains/common sense or what?)

Bad Beautician: It is very good! For this price, you can even come back for touch-ups and I won’t charge you. 

Me: It is a very good price, but maybe I’ll come back another time? 

Bad Beautician: Why? If you buy now, then can take today’s session from your package! Save money! (And she actually stood by the room door, like as if blocking me from exiting. Gawd.) 

Me: You don’t accept card, do you? I don’t have enough cash anyway. I’ll have to come back another time. (Truth? I scanned the premises upon entering and realised they had no machine – so I was about 85% confident they only accepted cash. Bwahaha!) 

Bad Beautician: Oh! The ATM machines are just outside!! I can wait for you, no problem. 

Me: No, I don’t use that bank. The ATM I use is a good walk away and I have an appointment to go to now… (I have an account with that ATM’s bank, but she didn’t have to know right?)

Bad Beautician: How much cash do you have on you now? Give me all your cash and you can give me the rest next time! 
From there, I was so utterly pissed
Basically – she did a shit job. I know my stuff – this is shit work. And I personally felt I was already being very polite to her, as I wanted to believe that she did her best nonetheless.
However to tell me to give you all my cash and hard-sell to me like that? 
Like on reflex, my face turned pissed. 
Me: I said, I.will.think.about.it. If I want to buy it, I will come back. 
And I almost literally shoved her aside so that I could exit. Pissed. 
  • When I checked, the glue turned white!!

Not supposed to happen! The glue is supposed to be transparent or black. 

White? Something is wrong. 
  • My eyes were itchy, watery and red the entire day! Even blinking was hard.

Whilst Lily and I were having lunch, she looked at me with concerned eyes and told me my eyes were really red. The entire day while shopping and even our taxi ride home, Lil told me I better get it checked. 

And while blinking, my lids felt like they had a hard-lining on them. Super uncomfortable. The lashes were even softly jabbing the bottom of my eyes. 😦
However I thought, maybe it would get better after I remove my contacts – and after a good night of rest.
  • Hardly slept at all…

It was so difficult sleeping. My eyes got increasingly irritated. And I couldn’t close my eyes for long, as I could feel the glue melting into my eyeballs. 

Then – keeping my eyes open for long was also difficult. 
So through the night, I was looking for places that I might be able to get an SOS appointment to remove the lashes. 
I was endlessly grateful when a place a friend recommended had a slot open! So I rushed down for the earliest appointment I could get – it was torturous having them on every second. 
When I went to the other place, the beauticians there looked at me with sympathetic eyes. Like I was some lost puppy out in the rain… And inside I was all dramatic, “Omg!! Yes! I suffered!! *sobs!!* HELP!! HUG ME!! *bawls!!*” 
But of course on the outside, I was all, “Yea. It really hurts… Can I get them removed, please?” 
For the first time ever, it took a good 30-40 minutes just to remove the extensions!! I could feel the beautician applying the remover multiple times. And if I might add – they didn’t hurt! 
Only one layer stung very slightly – because she said there was a lump of stubborn glue that would not come off. 
After she was done and I opened my eyes again… I went, “Oh wow! Thank you so much!” 
And I was happily blinking my lids away! 
Me: Can I do a new set? 

Good Beautician: No! You are to let your eyes rest for a while. 

Me: Oh, okay…

Good Beautician: Your eyes are red. The skin on your lids are quite damaged. I’m not going to do it for you until they have healed.
I love this lady! ❤ ❤ She knows what is good for me. Plus. she charged me the usual removal rate – despite the amount of work she had to do. ❤ ❤ 
I was so happy with her, I made an appointment to go back to her a while later. A date we both agreed that my eyes will be all find & dandy again. 🙂 
So after that, I went straight back to bed to rest. My eyes look a lot better already!
It was actually worse than the picture below…

Be careful of eyelash extensions gone wrong!

I’m not going to reveal where the Bad Beautician is at – because it might just be I’m an unlucky soul. Maybe she’s good at other stuff, so I don’t want to taint her name in whatever way.

However place where the Good Beautician is – is Milly’s! Quite a few friends recommended me to head down there for my eyelash extensions! 🙂 So I’m pretty happy right now. And still looking forward to my appointment there!

No, I’m not going to shy away from eyelash extensions because of one bad experience. I’ll just take this as a lesson to be more careful to where I go to from now on!

Love, G.

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