Love this Good and Affordable Eyelash Serum!

Hey there, guys!

Today I want to share a little rave about this eyelash serum/essence I’ve been using for a few months now – the M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha.

M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha
I’m one of those that think that one of the best features to have is gorgeous eyelashes. 😍 And drives me a taaaad jealous whenever I see a dude with naturally thick and curly lashes… (Like, why so unfair one?) 

Truth be told, I’m already grateful to the heavens for my lashes. 😌 They’re considered relatively long for a Chinese, albeit they’re not great in volume and are crazy straight. So to encourage growth and showing some love after curling & mascara-ing them, I will use eyelash serums or essence every night. #diligent

I honestly didn’t come across anything that impressed me much, so never bothered writing about them. But this one really impressed me. 3 simple reasons!

01 There was an increase in my lash volume (albeit gradual AF)

It’s definitely no miracle product – like, “Omg, apply tonight and tomorrow morning you can flutter feathers on your eyelids” that sort of nonsense.  🙄

C’mon lah, you and I both know such advertising can’t be trusted. Your body doesn’t regenerate that fast… And the older you are, the slower it gets. 😌 #justsaying

Sorry, I have no ‘before & after’ photos to share; because I didn’t expect anything! Just like, basic maintenance stuff. I followed a friend who walked into Missha to buy something, I happened to need a refill of eyelash serum and just picked it up.

So I bought it to try it out without expecting anything, really. Lol.

But over about 3-4 months, I really noticed my lashes looking fuller and even healthier! 🤗

02 There was a decrease in my dropped lashes

Okay, this one is crazy important. My heart always breaks a little whenever I drop a lash… 💔 And I start calling ‘may day’ when I drop 2 or more.

I know it’s normal to drop old lashes when the new ones grow out – but sometimes with daily curling and application of mascara, the lashes can be weighed down significantly and drop prematurely. ☹️

Guess this is linked to why my lashes also look fuller! Because they don’t drop as much as before.

03 It saved me from an eyelash extensions disaster!!

So you’d think I’d know better, since my previous diabolical eyelash extensions experience… It was a real nightmare.

And this time I went to another one. The first lady that did it for me did a pretty good job, but the second time I went back… it was quite a disaster.

Long story short – I sent an emergency request in the middle of the night for an appointment to remove the lashes because it was hard to even close my eyes to sleep! And when they were removed, my lashes were so short and sparse… I felt awful just looking at them.

When I had the extensions on, I didn’t really use the serum much – so once they were removed and I saw how much damage I caused my natural lashes… *guilty pangs* I started applying day & night! And within 1 month, my natural lashes were growing back healthily again! 😍

Here’s a picture of my lashes now!

M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha

Swear it felt like such a miracle! Because in the past, my lashes took a good 3 months to properly grow back and show a glimmer of hope… So I was a tad pessimistic this time.

However this product really works! I was sooooo happy that my girlfriend walked into Missha that day, and I wandered around, saw this product on sale and bought it on impulse. Haha!

Ooh, another thing which is awesome about this product is this little bud at the tip! So it’s easy for you to apply on the roots and your bottom lashes!

M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha

Tried looking for it on Althea previously, but didn’t manage to find it. ☹️ But if you’re really interested, you can check out the list of Missha stores in Singapore!

Thanks, Missha! 😍😍😍

M Lash Boosting Ampoule by Missha

And that’s all for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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